Academics That Are More Than Academic.

Grace Prep graduates walk away from high school capable of making good decisions.  We prepare them to think well, read well, write well, and speak well.

Grace Prep is about more than the courses we teach, it’s about a culture we want to create–a culture of creativity, critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving. Of course, most parents want to know about SAT scores and we’re happy to share! Our students scored 148 points above national SAT scores with an average of 589 in Reading and 579 in Mathematics on the SAT in 2016-2017. In fact, these scores show that our students performed better than 75% of test-takers in 2016.  Beyond that, Grace Prep’s percentage of National Merit Scholarship participants and coveted Penn State Schreyer Scholarships demonstrate the effectiveness of a well-designed academic philosophy and curriculum.

You won’t find multiple-choice tests and bubble sheets here.

While we want our students to “Nail the SAT,” we don’t spend our every waking educational minute doing practice questions and filling in bubble sheets.   (And as far as bubble sheets… What’s all the fuss about a #2 pencil? What would really happen if you used a #1 pencil?)

When students come to Grace Prep we want to find out where their passions lie and how we can help them accomplish their goals. We administer the StrengthQuest assessment to each incoming student so we better understand where their strengths lie and what we can do to develop those strengths. We also provide diagnostic testing in writing, mathematics, and reading so we better understand the needs of students before they begin their journey at Grace Prep.

The universal intellectual standards of clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness are embedded in our courses. Once the foundation of these standards is established in students’ minds we want to provide our students with opportunities to be involved in internships, entrepreneurial adventures, and life-changing projects. Check out the topics below for more details.

Commencement 2016

If you’re interested in watching the Class of 2016 graduate, click here!


The Grace Prep Educational Vision: Practical Prep for Life

The traditional educational paradigm declares students to be well-educated upon their mastery of a system based on rote memorization, simplistic historical perspectives, and imaginary benchmarks of academic business. A government-based educational system that, by mandate, attempts to equalize all value systems, ends up teaching the morality of the lowest common denominator.  Without a common thread to tie history, science, literature, and the arts together, students are besieged with disconnected, irrelevant information that produces overloaded minds and undereducated kids.

We hold fast to our belief that proper academic preparation rests on the pillars of practical retention, broad historical perspectives, cultural literacies, and the development of an intelligent biblical worldview based on critical and analytical thinking.

At Grace Prep, a well-educated student is one who acknowledges the complexities of life, understands the wide range of opinions on these complexities, and most importantly is able to distinguish, through a well-developed biblical filter–those matters that involve right and wrong and those that are subject to personal preferences or priorities.

We are certain of this: a school community that models the scriptural benefits of the family unit–including multi-generational mentoring, transparent testimonies, disciplined discipline, and generous, Jesus-sized allocations of grace, produces well-educated students who are both prepared for, and at peace with, the changing seasons of life.

Prep For Life Fridays

We break the Friday afternoon school mold giving our students extended time to think about a controversial issue, learn something outside traditional schooling, have an authentic life experience, or spend some time serving others. Every Grace Prep student knows how to change a tire, play chess, and sew a button because we felt it was a life skill everyone needs. Our students have even spent time on the shooting range learning gun safety–name another school that has done that!

We also watch documentaries, such as “Food Inc.” or “The Cove”, to discuss real-life issues in which our students need to have educated opinions. Movies like “Twelve Angry Men” are used to what is a term paper illustrate important real-world concepts like detecting logical fallacies in arguments. We bring in real people, Holocaust survivors, to share their life experiences with students. We even serve the Salvation Army by ringing bells in December. It makes Friday afternoons a lot more enjoyable and meaningful for students and provides great discussion opportunities for families.


Curriculum: What We Teach

 Our Core Classes

Other Course Offerings

  • Latin Rhetoric
  • Logic
  • Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey)
  • Psychology
  • Freshman Seminar
  • SAT Preparation
  • Drawing
  • Introductory Graphic Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Hiking
  • Swing Dance

Online Learning and Dual Credit Courses