Student Life

Point of Grace #33: We believe in leadership that is subjective and considers the uniqueness of kids.

Why do students love to talk on the phone and text all night? Because they naturally love to learn more about relationships than about any other subject matter. Their relationships will affect the rest of their lives. That’s why we deliberately equip students to pursue effective relationships with friends, parents, teachers, and community members. Service projects and internships develop professional, spiritual, and personal relationships. During Presidential election years, students discover what God says about their political relationships with the state, nation, and world. And because their futures are important to us, we place the students in small discipleship groups with staff mentors who address academic and spiritual growth. Above all else, we encourage relationships with Jesus Christ without which education is purposeless.

Students on the ground at Heinz Field during Air School.
The cast of Grace Prep's 2012 production of Seussical.
The Annual 1000 Hour Serve-a-Thon is GP's chief fundraising event.
GP students' favorite trip is the three-day "Amish Experience."


Extreme Grace: Grace Prep’s 3-Day Kickoff to A Great Year.

Building relationships and making memories that will last a lifetime.

We want our students to know and appreciate the uniqueness of each other and our teachers before they ever set foot in the classroom. That’s why at the start of every year we load all of our students on a bus and travel to Jumonville, PA. At Extreme Grace, time is spent in activities getting to know each other, deepening our faith and laying out the school theme for the year. There a lot of fun things that bond the school together. What other school encourages you to shoot paintballs at your teachers? Extreme Grace is capped off with a whitewater rafting trip. Beware of Bob! You may end up in the water against your will!


“Extreme Grace changed my life.”

Real-World Experiences

What do you remember about your high school years? Countless studies predict that you remember the experiences that actually shaped your social, spiritual, and professional life choices. That’s precisely why we strive to apply each course of study–classical and contemporary–to the student’s interest, skills, and career dreams.

We begin each school year with an intensive personality profile and spiritual gifts exploration. At Grace Prep, students the relevance of the “facts and figures.”

We believe that our students will learn more from an authentic experience than a two-hour exam.

Our “Air School” concept gets students out of the building and into the real world. Students graduate from Grace Prep with more than just a paper diploma. A Grace Prep graduate has a personalized liberal arts education, a network of lifelong mentors and friends, practical skills for pursuing his or her calling, and–most importantly–the opportunity to pursue a personal relationship with the God of the Universe.