Grace Prep Changed Our Lives

Grace Prep Changed Our Son’s Life…and Ours.

We are Frank and Chris Mellace, and our son, Colin is an 11th grader at Grace Prep.   We knew when Colin began at GP that he would need some time to get adjusted (he transferred from another school).  We prayed for God to help Colin through this period, but never did we imagine that our prayers would be answered so quickly, and GP would be such a perfect fit for him.  Colin has had a transformation which has been refreshing for our entire family and has prompted a renewal of family relationships.

“The effects GP has had on Colin have been truly inspirational.”

Instead of having a feeling of drudgery for the day, Colin now looks forward to his day and enjoys sharing it with his family.  We are confident that Colin’s day is spent in a loving and caring environment where he feels accepted for who he is.  Grace Prep is a place that allows Colin to explore who he is without the fear of being rejected by his peers.   Colin’s exposure to the positive environment  has instilled a newfound confidence in him.  He has been positively affected by the teachers because they all show a genuine caring and interest in the students and help them develop their interests and passions. We cannot imagine our life without GP.  We feel blessed that Colin will have a meaningful high school experience (and to borrow a phrase from Bob, as the commercial says) by thriving and not just surviving.  We like to spread the good news of GP by using a quote from Colin…

“GP is everything that a high school should be.”

The effect the school has had on our family is equally inspirational.

GP has made our family more aware of God in our daily lives.  We have learned to put more trust in God in the decisions we make each day, just as we had done when we made the decision to choose GP.  We are inspired by the weekly inside-out assignments which encourage us to think of other people and not just ourselves.  The mom’s prayer group helps put Jesus at the forefront of my day and the six week men’s prayer group that Frank attended really helped him put some focus into the Godly meaning behind being a man and passing that onto our son.  Grace Prep has showed us that there really are places and people where the Bible is being lived out.

As we walk through Grace Prep, we feel and see God’s presence through the students, faculty and staff.  GP has given us a more complete understanding of the true meaning of God working through other people.

What I’d Like You to Know About My Daughter.

Just a quick note to tell you all “thank you.” When we first sent Caitlin to Grace Prep five years ago, we had concerns with the school being small and unable to offer as many opportunities as the public school. However, we still chose to send her and try the Christian environment. It was financially straining, but we quickly realized the opportunities we thought we were missing from public school were nowhere nearly as important as the opportunities we gained at Grace Prep. The difference a small group of caring people could make in the life of a child during such a crucial time of growth and maturity is invaluable. Caitlin has learned to use her natural abilities and gifts and use them for God’s glory.

Her convictions are strong; her conscience is pure, and I always know where she stands.

Thank you for being such excellent role models and for also standing by her and encouraging her when she did her “all”. You’ve help build a desire to succeed and serve, and she’ll do great at St. Francis University because of it.

Again, thanks for going above and beyond to develop the character and knowledge of the students at Grace Prep. You all are the best, and I tell others constantly.

In His love,

Bob and Diane