Our Philosophy

Grace Prep’s Spanish program goes well beyond teaching students the basic vocabulary and grammar structures that they learn in public school classes.  Grace Prep prepares students to interact competently with native speakers and, for those who plan to continue their language education, to begin taking advanced level courses at the beginning of their college career.

Our Program, especially in the higher levels, focuses on communicative competence.  Along with learning more complicated language structures, students are required to speak in Spanish on a regular basis.  They also continue to develop their listening and reading comprehension skills.

Grace Prep’s curriculum uses Glencoe’s ¡Buen Viaje! series of textbooks in the first few levels, with authentic materials (music, readings, media) added.  The higher levels use well-respected, authentic resources including articles, books, music and media along with supplemental handouts for advanced grammar points. Small classes and a curriculum structure that has proven results in increasing student performance and retention have enabled us to surpass the speed of public school programs in advanced classes. Students that have transferred from other local schools are impressed with the speed at which they learn and the practical application of their class work.

Spanish Syllabi

Fundamentals of Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Real World Spanish

Advanced Spanish