Our Philosophy

“In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.” This quote attributed to Isaac Newton, perhaps one of the greatest scientists to ever live, captures the essence of why students study science at Grace Prep. Science, the study of the world around us, points to God. Through the variety of science courses offered at Grace Prep all our students gain a new appreciation for the beauty and order in the world that surrounds them and an understanding of the scientific principals behind it.

For our students who want to seriously pursue the study of science it is important to note the vast majority of scientific discovery throughout the ages has come from men and women who embraced a Christian worldview. Science at Grace Prep offers these students the opportunity to study with teachers who also embrace that view. In addition to the traditional high school science classes, Grace Prep has offered a variety of electives to students who are particularly interested in science. These courses allow students to delve more deeply into areas of science that interest them.

Science at Grace Prep goes well beyond a lecture and a lab. It is more than a typical classroom experience. We discuss science. Anatomy and Physiology is full of curious students who ask questions and relate the current topic to issues in our society. We emphasize hands on activities. After learning the parts of a cell, the Biology students might make edible models and share them with other students in the school. We give students individual attention. Perhaps in our Chemistry class there is a topic a student is struggling with or perhaps there is a topic that really interests a student. The small class size enables our teachers to spend time helping kids with concepts they just do not get or challenging students who want to go farther. We go places. Seeing science in the real world makes classroom knowledge much more useful. After a unit of genetics our students might make a visit to a biotechnology lab at Penn State. A unit on ecology might include a trip to Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center. The commitment of our teachers and the size of our classes will give your child a science education like he has never had before.

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