How and What we teach in English

Students who love their studies, thrive.  That’s why the English Department strives to introduce students to the classic writers and thinkers who will engage the students’ minds and hearts.  It is said that except for the books we read and the people we meet, we will stay the same.  That’s why Grace Prep students are constantly reading excellent literature that challenges their thinking, sets beauty before their eyes, and ultimately causes them to recognize God’s omnipresence.  Beginning in ninth grade, students are equipped with the skills to read and understand texts by Homer, Milton, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Joyce, and many others.  When we read these texts, we discuss character and plot development, thematic issues, and literary devices in order to understand the personal, biblical and cultural responses to the text.  Students are continually amazed that God is integral in all of the classical literature they read.  As they watch Fitzgerald wrestle with God’s existence or Milton submit to God’s will or Wordsworth declare the beauty of God’s creation, students learn that no human experience or imagining is outside of God’s true story.

Through critical analysis, journaling, imitation writing, and creative writing, students develop communication skills that equip them to become effective writers and speakers.  Each year, students develop their skills in writing poetry, essays, personal responses, and stories.  Their vocabulary is developed by reading high quality classical texts and completing an intense Greek- and Latin-based vocabulary course.

Teachers employ debate, films, acting, lecture, group activities, public readings, guest speakers and field trips to help the students learn how to read, write and think well.

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