Our Philosophy

Studying history at Grace Prep is a comprehensive and rigorous study of the important themes and event that have shaped the history of civilizations and their distinctive contributions. A diploma from Grace Prep guarantees that your student will have memorized a major timeline of world history and US history;  discuss in detail the most significant persons, places, and terms in world history and US history; and discuss in detail primary sources and documents that have influenced world history.

How does Grace Prep accomplish this?

The twists and turns of history create a rich mosaic that students respond to with enthusiasm so long as it is presented in dynamic and interactive presentations by passionate teachers. We engage students with readings in primary sources: they will read authors ranging from Plato to Mao Zedong.  Grace Prep students use college level textbooks beginning in 10th grade, further preparing them for college level work.
We also require students to read current scholarship used in the most advanced academic institutions such as Jared Diamond’s Pulitzer Prize winning Guns, Germs, and Steel. To transmit this education, the history department uses multimedia tools, historical documentaries, off-site field trips, and current films.

We also recognize that we have a tremendous resource in having a world-class university located two miles from our school: Pennsylvania State University.  Guest lecturers from the university are used in our classes, and our students are taught how to research in a major university library.  Through all of this, your student will receive an education that will thoroughly prepare them, not only for the most prestigious colleges and universities, but also for life.

Course Syllabi

History of Religion

US History

World History