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Grace Prep vs The Neighborhood Academy ... See MoreSee Less

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Jarrod Sechler30-29 Grace Prep. 0:38 to go. GP ball3 weeks ago
Rob OelhafGP played hard in 1st tournament good job guys!3 weeks ago
Rob OelhafHi Doug! Carl is #213 weeks ago
Rob OelhafGo GP!3 weeks ago
Jean BarczakCome on guys you can do it!!!!3 weeks ago
Jean BarczakGreat game! Good Job!3 weeks ago
Jean BarczakGo Storm!!3 weeks ago
Barb SechlerScore?3 weeks ago
Jarrod SechlerGP 11 - NA 17 at the half.3 weeks ago
Jarrod SechlerIt's 9-9 after the 1st3 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler30-31 NA3 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler30-303 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler30-293 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler30-28 GP!3 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler28-28 NA3 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler26-263 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler26-24 3:573 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler26-22 5:463 weeks ago
Holly Royer SechlerScore??3 weeks ago
Jarrod SechlerGP 9 - NA 13. 4:55 in the 2nd3 weeks ago
Holly Royer SechlerI'm here,3 weeks ago
Christa Oelhaf😬3 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler0:293 weeks ago
Jarrod Sechler0:443 weeks ago
Carole WiseRebounds guys!3 weeks ago

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