Leaving a Legacy

The Senior Project is the culminating event of the educational experience at Grace Prep.


A foundational belief of Christian education is that the primary purposes of schooling are to integrate faith and life, to develop a worldview that bears fruit in behavior, and to see all of creation through the spectacles of the Bible. Since Christian education occurs within a covenant community that includes multiple generations, students should display their adoption of a Christian worldview within that broad community. This is the student’s  chance to shine by demonstrating the knowledge they have gained and the maturity they have achieved during their high school career. They  have the opportunity to choose their own area of study and then use their talents, skills, and creativity to demonstrate that they can read, plan, think, write, speak, meet deadlines, and work with others – all within a Christian worldview. The following is the legacy left by the Class of 2012.

Katy Baughman “Through My Eyes”

Katy’s English teacher, Nancy Head, as well as one of her tutors, Jayne Cawthern, noticed her determination to help others to not have to go through the struggles she did with her learning disability. This turned into her Senior Project. She showed students at Nittany Christian School (2nd-8th grade) different learning strategies, uplifting testimonies, as well as engaging activities that proved to them that all students have strengths and weaknesses and in order for God to use them to their full potential they must put their talents together.

Paul Spang “Be Still: A Reflection on the Meaning of Life and Death”

For Paul’s senior project, he educated himself on photography and cinematography.  In the process, he shot over 1000 pictures and uploaded close to 100 to flickr.com.  He also shot over an hour of footage and worked with people who have experience in the movie industry, editing, fine arts and graphic design.  His project culminated in an art show that featured 6 photographs and an 8-minute short film examining the purpose of life.  All proceeds raised were donated to a family struggling to cover the cost of a funeral.

Abbey Helsel “Benefit for Ballet Magnificat”

Abbey Helsel’s senior project goal was to financially support Ballet Magnificat, America’s premiere Christian Ballet Company, and to raise awareness of their ministry. To raise money, Abbey organized a “Magnificent Swing” Dance and booked the company’s performance on March 18th at the State Theatre. Both events were very successful and the Gospel was presented to 600 audience members! She also taught a 9-week ballet elective for the Grace Prep students to expose them to the art of dance and the disciplines of ballet technique.  Abbey has been accepted into Ballet Magnificat’s Trainee program, and is excited to move to Jackson, MS after graduation to join them.

Jaquan Masteller “Being Natural for a Reason”

Jaquan spent this past year studying herbs and the natural way of living. Using six books, he has made ten products/personal hygiene products with all natural resources. With these products made, he put together a book to help others learn how to make their own natural products.

Tim Ososkie “Firearm Safety and Education”

For his senior legacy project, Tim mentored under an armorer and firearms trainer, learning the M-4 patrol rifle system down to every last pin and spring. With the knowledge gained through his mentoring, he assembled an M-4 patrol rifle on his own. He was then trained by the firearms trainer with the assembled rifle and participated in a rifle competition. The conclusion of Tim’s project involved an in-school presentation on the philosophy behind his project and an introduction to the first ever Grace Prep Range Day, which Tim organized to teach firearm safety and competency.

Justine Addleman “Blessings Through the Lens”

Justine’s project revolves around photography. Her main goals are to bless people through her passion and talent with out a cost to them. She took portraits for a family that couldn’t afford it. She edited them and ordered a photobook for them and bought toys for the two little girls. She also blessed two organizations. She volunteered for the Pregnancy Resource Clinic and she took photos of their fundraising banquet and she took pictures of their employees for their website. She also took photos for Centre County Paws to help sponsor pet adoptions.

Lexi Gresh “The Innocence for India Campaign”                                          

The purpose of Lexi Gresh’s senior project, “The Innocence for India Campaign,” is to bring hope and possibility to young girls who are at risk of being sold into prostitution in India. By raising awareness and hosting events throughout State College, the campaign has raised over $4,000 to fight human trafficking through the work of the Jeevan Chhaya foundation. Lexi also partnered with local missionaries Rob and Ireida Grabill to write a Bible curriculum, and she has been invited to travel to India to teach it to at-risk children in April.

Caleb Pons “Prayer with Chris Heinz”                                                             

The focus of Caleb’s project is prayer. Working with Chris Heinz, he developed a diagnostic assessment to help people understand their voice in prayer. He also went to Myanmar to teach about prayer at a seminary and serve through prayer in orphanages. This project allowed Caleb to learn more about his own voice in prayer, as well as work closely with Chris Heinz who is completing a book project called “Speak up: How to Find Your Voice in Prayer”.

Dalton Williams “Brave New World”

Dalton started writing music his freshman year at Grace Prep, so it is no surprise that for his senior project, he selected four of his original songs to record. He designed the album artwork and disc label himself, without any professional aid. Dalton also organized a band that joined him in the studio, and performed at a couple coffee house gigs. The band even entered one of Dalton’s songs into the National Fine Arts Festival songwriting division, moving on to the regional level, which takes place this week. After finishing the recording, Dalton has uploaded his music on to several websites and hopes to soon have his music on ITunes. However, the climax of Dalton’s project is the upcoming benefit concert/release party, which Dalton calls his “one stop world tour,” on April 13th at State College Assembly of God’s Youth Room, at 6:30, where the CD will be available. All proceeds from the concert benefit Family Life of Penns Valley’s building fund (Dalton’s Church).

Emily Coll “Blast from the Past”

For Emily’s senior project she created a photographic keepsake book entitled “That Reminds Me”. She conducted over 30 interviews, gathering stories from the lives of the elderly. The result was a leisure book of pictures and stories, preserving the memories of the passing generation. Emily dedicated the book to her grandparents in Ohio. Emily would like to thank her grandparents for always sharing stories with her when she was little.

Meade Lewis “Graphics for Grace”

In his senior project, Meade Hamilton Lewis did various graphic works for the school and the community. Creating everything from posters, to web images, he helped non-profit events and fellow seniors. Meade also created many spreads for the upcoming school yearbook.

Ivy Kim “Bible Studies at Brookline”

For her senior project, Ivy visited the elderly at Brookline nursing home. She prepared bible studies and spent time teaching them, taking prayer requests and just being available to minister to them. Her project will detail her experiences while ministering to the elderly at Brookline.

Amy Ju “Backpacking Through Europe”

Amy spent her senior year planning a backpacking trip to Europe. She went by herself on a two-week trip to Europe and while there she visited London, Paris, and Rome. She visited ancient Christian sites and brought her knowledge back to Grace Prep where she taught a lesson in the History of Religion classes. She is looking forward to sharing about her trip and the things she learned this year.

Carolina Solis “Will This Loneliness Ever End?”

Carolina’s Senior Project, which is called “Will This Loneliness Ever End?”isabout helping others who are in need. Once a month she visited the people who live in trailer parks. She spoke to them about God, Carolina also shared her testimony with the people there, and she delivered cookies, which she made, to them. Another part of Carolina’s project was a trip to New York City to help the homeless. She collected warm clothes like coats, hats, scarves, etc. for the homeless. Her biggest event was a “Latin Fiesta” fundraiser. It was a Dinner-Dance and the money that she raised was for the “Orphanage Hope of a Child” in the Dominican Republic where she grew up. As the Bible says in Matthew 25:35-36  “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”  She is trying to live this verse out by helping the less fortunate.

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